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Patch 7.1 Goes Live Today!

by Rissy, 7 hours ago


Karazhan, Quick Join, class buffs/nerfs, Blood of Sargeras Trader, PvP Changes, Helarjar World Quests, and so much more goes live today! What are you most looking forward to?

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Ahead of the Curve: Xavius!

by Rissy, 4 days ago

Congratulations to the entire team for killing Heroic Xavius! One step closer to Broken Isles domination!

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This Week's Mythic+ Affixes

by Rissy, 8 days ago

+4 Affix: Bolstering

When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, increasing their maximum health and damage by 20%.

+7 Affix: Overflowing

Causes all overhealing done (by healer-spec players) to trigger a heal absorb on the target, proportional to the amount of overhealing done.

+10 Affix: Tyrannical

Increases the health and damage of boss enemies.


Have fun!

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